How to Hang a Door

You’ve successfully measured, ordered and finished your door and the time has come for the door to be fitted. A daunting task for some but hang in there with this helpful guide your door will be hung in no time. 

Step 1

First, start with locating the lock block, this should be printed on the top of your new door and establishes that you have your door the correct way round. Hold the door up in the space to see if it needs any adjustment. With the door securely held into place you can cut the door to the correct length using a hand saw. If you have a lot of height to remove it is best to cut from both the top and bottom, this will keep the symmetry of the panels. If it is the width that needs adjusting you can use a hand or powered planer to remove an equal amount from each side until you have reached your desired width; there should be a 2mm gap on either side and top between the door and the frame. 

Step 2

Mark up where you would like your hinges to go whether you are having two or three, draw around the hinge on the door frame and using a chisel and hammer chisel out so the hinge can sit in the recess and is flush with the door frame. Screw the hinges into the door frame and open them so that you can prop the door up in the gap resting it on wedges and mark where the top and the bottom of the hinge sits on the door. Unscrew the hinge from the door frame and lay them on the edge of the door Make sure they are lined up with the pencil marks and draw around the hinge creating an outline that can be chiselled for the hinge to fit flush in the door. 

Step 3

Fix the hinges into the door using one screw for each hinge. This is a useful tip as you can then check if the door opens and closes properly and adjust appropriately before screwing all of the screws in. Place the door on wedges and again screw one screw in each hinge to the door frame, once you have checked the door opens and closes correctly you can then screw in the rest of the screws. And there you have it your perfectly hung door which hopefully was easy to do with this handy guide.